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This website is my limited contribution to the growing wine industry in the state of Georgia, USA. I have been taking in interest in Georgia wines for many years, and was responsible for presenting several of these at formal wine tastings in Europe.

Georgia is not the best known of the wine producing states in USA. But it does have a presence, though most wineries are small boutique operations with limited production and mainly "cellar door" sales. It is on the climatic edge of reasonable grape production (unless your interest lies in muscadines or other grape species). Problems like Pierce's Disease and mildew also drastically limit viable grape growing areas.

This website offers a directory of the vineyards (currently 84, of which 51 are Vinifera and hybrids), wineries and tasting rooms around the state. There are also a number of "interesting" links around my home town, Dahlonega, and also other wine-oriented websites.

Details of recent courses and lectures I have presented can be found on the Events page.

Some of my thoughts on wine and related matters can be found on my Blog page.