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I had been jotting down random thoughts on wine and related topics for several years. One day, I moved my website to a new system, and the posts in the blog were lost. But fortunately, I have backups. And whenever I have a bit of time on my hands, I will convert them to the […]

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An unwelcome immigrant from America

From the beginning of contact between Europe and America, plants were shipped in both directions. Wheat to America, potatoes to Europe, there were many great successes from this transfer. In the early 1800s, botanists began experimenting with crossing native American vines with European vines, trying to produce better grapes. The introduction of fast steamships permitted

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The Friday Club

I am a Serious Wine Drinker. Not just volume, but also for a long time. After years of wine tasting and lecturing, I studied in the wine trade to obtain my professional qualifications (WSET Level 3 Advanced). Then a few years ago, I moved to Georgia from my native England. Now, on most Friday afternoons,

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